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We're so pleased to now offer Massage Services, PEMF therapy and Detox Ion Cleanse!  Come see us and let yourself wind-down for a bit, relax, improve that circulation and remove some of those toxins we all can build up.  Such a therapeutic time just to get away and focus on you! 

Meet Kendra, Alinea's Massage Therapist!

Alinea offers customized massage, by our Registered Massage Practitioner.​ Kendra will consult with you to determine your health needs, preferred treatment, and will tailor the massage experience to be exactly what you'd like.  As a Christian therapist, Kendra will also be praying for you; and she will be using Young Living Essential oils based on your consult and personal needs to help with any symptoms you may be experiencing and to promote relaxation and healing.

Kendra has expertise in numerous areas of massage, including The Stephenson Method.


Contact the office and book an appointment!

Registered Massage Therapist

Kendra Shingler

Remember, a stronger you, can be better for others too! This is just the beginning of what Alinea will offer with Spa services; the best is yet to come!

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