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I’m Michele Fuller, and I am excited to help you on your journey to better health!  You and I, are probably not so different. There was a time when I started my own health journey searching for answers.  After experiencing my own improvement and healing, I decided to pursue expertise in helping others improve their health...Naturally!

Continue reading to see my story below....

Hi There!

Michele L. Fuller, C.H.H.P.

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As a child, I suffered with yearly bouts of bronchitis, wheezing and severe allergies. These were seasonal, as well as specifically from cats, dogs and horses. Spring, unfortunately, was a miserable time of year for me.  When I grew into an adulthood, these symptoms continued and would often result in my developing sinus infections. Allergies further began to manifest from certain foods I consumed. Often, this progressed into gastrointestinal symptoms like irritable bowel, with diarrhea or constipation. 

During my childhood and the teenage years, I was always fascinated by chemistry, anatomy and how the body systems work, leading me to pursue a career in medicine. I graduated high school as an LPN, then went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Nursing, graduating Magna Cum Laude. I took both my education and work very seriously, holding positions as a Registered Nurse in various clinical settings (ICU, Med-Surg, Dialysis, Infusion, and Quality Review). As far as my own health was concerned, I was able to function, but continued to be miserable with allergies.  I was frequently exhausted and frankly, got sick-and-tired of being sick and tired.  After many trips to general care and specialist physicians, advice from colleagues, medications, etc., I was no better and knew there had to be something else holding me back from getting better.

So what happened that made a change in my life?


Actually, it was rather simple. I read a book called "Why Christians Get Sick."  The book was written from a Biblical point of view, to show that God created our bodies to self-heal.  However, for the body to properly heal, it needs the correct nutrition and environment.  I learned that we can unlock a powerful healing mechanism in our body when we give it life giving real food (instead of the highly processed, mass-produced food that most of us eat every day). The book was centered on the testimony of a man who helped his body heal from colon cancer. He chose to provide his body with the best opportunity to of heal, by eating only life-giving foods, juicing vegetables and removing the common toxins that make many of us sick.


I had an "Aha" moment and I felt as if a switch had been flipped in my thinking.  This was monumental for me because I began thinking that maybe this could help my health problems. I was 28 years old, married, with a baby and with our second child on the way.  It was this time in my life, when the paradigm shift happened for me. 


I went full speed ahead, jumping in with both feet.  I changed my way of eating… big time.  I stopped eating all processed foods that I could identify in my diet and all added sugar. I started eating mostly raw, real foods… fruits and vegetables.  This was a change, because before that, the few veggies I consumed were always cooked to the max!  But fairly quickly I discovered that it wasn’t that hard to make fruits and veggies taste really good, with a little creativity. I noticed that I started to enjoy these foods without having to cook them like crazy.


I also began juicing vegetables (again, this became quite tasty when done right), took a powdered barley juice product daily and began drinking lots of filtered water.  


Within a few weeks my digestive system began to work normally.  It had been so long since I knew what normal was... no more pain, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, constipation and I went to the bathroom twice a day.


It took a year for my body to totally heal from the allergies and respiratory symptoms. Interestingly to me, I was soon able to begin eating the foods I had previously been allergic to (certain nuts, fruits) … and had no symptoms.  I could then add some good organic meats back into my diet.  I also was able to be around cats, dogs and horses again.  It was truly amazing.


With 20+ years' experience in clinical nursing, and with the experience from my own health journey, I realized that the current medical system is not focused enough on prevention and strengthening bodies to heal naturally. Most care is directed at fixing specific problems as they occur.  That’s why I made the decision to further my education and become an expert in Natural Health.  In addition to being a Certified Holistic Health Professional, I am also certified in Nutritional Response Testing.  I’m excited to now share my experience and be able to coach others in how to strengthen their bodies naturally!  

My husband and I are both credentialed ministers and have spent years in Christian ministry, leading worship and pastoring churches in Maryland, West Virginia and Florida.  God has blessed us with a tremendously wonderful family and great health, for which we are so very thankful.  It was challenging to continue implementing healthy choices for our family while raising kids, but it was worth it!  We are so proud of our three adult children, spouses and three grandchildren... as the family continues to grow!

Health Coaching Approach...

Clients can expect me to help guide them in their health journey… coaching them to create a plan that can assist the body in natural healing and repair of the root cause for many symptoms.  Although Alinea Natural Health, PMA does not diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease, through our testing and coaching, clients will have access to natural solutions that improve their body systems.  Clients may also gain an understanding of how to better work with their current physician, and may see a better response from the treatments they are providing.  Services from Alinea Natural Health, PMA are designed to be complimentary to clients as they continue to consult their current licensed medical providers.  Quick fixes are not what we are looking for, but "true" healing.  

In order to help clients, strengthen their bodies and improve their health, I look at the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of health, which are all connected together in the healing process. I am available to see clients in our office in Hagerstown, Maryland. 


Remember…The Best Is Yet to Come!

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