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Ready to get that extra weight off, want to reduce cellulite, or maybe just shed a few inches for the coming summer?

Alinea is now pleased to offer Weight Loss Programs!  With specialized programs customized to our member's needs, we can help you be the best version of you!  

As a member of our group, you'll have access to our Red Light Therapy system to shed inches of fat, as well as resources like our great nutrition and fitness coaches, high-quality, whole food and weight loss-specific supplements, and more!

Ideal Light uses LED light (635nm) to help naturally slim, shape and tone the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. It also uses 850nm light to increase collagen and elastin formation while contouring the body and creating a slimmer appearance.

Lose inches with our RedLight Body Contouring wrap system!

lose inches.png

The IdealLightPRO6 Pad System with Face Mask is the strongest, most flexible, and easiest Red-Light Therapy on the market today. This system feature both Red and Near-Infrared LED ultra-high efficient diodes with an irradiance of 60 Mw/cm².Simply wrap the pad around the areas you wish to treat, start the timer, and relax. 

Don't settle for FAD Diets or weight loss Drugs with nasty side-effects!


Instead...Contact us today to start your program! Our Red-Light system, our nutrition and fitness coaches, and superior products are available to you as a member, to begin seeing the person you know that you can be!

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