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Alinea's Nutritional Coaches

Hey There!

I'm now honored to be working as a health coach at Alinea! You will find me teaching others how to successfully achieve their goals towards a life of healthy living.

My Health Story


After having my third baby, I had been dealing with brain fog, chronic infections, arthritis, fatigue, and more. Despite this, I thought I was a generally healthy person.

Megan Brooks



I was introduced to Michele and Nutritional Response Testing at Alinea. I was amazed at how specific the testing pinpointed the issues I had. I started working with Michele and hit the ground running with a complete lifestyle change! I eliminated processed foods and sugars from my diet, and as I started to deal with root issues I had been experiencing, I began to see healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. The more that I learned, the more my eyes were open to the great expanse of the health community; I found myself wanting to learn more about nutrition, health, and wellness, so I did! I began schooling and received my holistic nutritional certification! I knew I wanted to help guide others with education and encourage them on their own health journey after my experience.  It is amazing to me how... 

                                    ...A Healthy Lifestyle Promotes A Healthy Body, Soul, And Spirit.



I’m Brittni and I love to teach and help my clients. Watching them make progress and reach goals is one of my favorite parts about coaching.​


My Health Journey

To me normal was, chronic back pain, migraines, sinus infections, bloating and skin rashes. I finally came to a point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. With no definite answers from doctors, I sought help from via more natural methods through my mother-in-law Michele Fuller. By starting Nutrition Repose Testing, Michele was able to get to some of the root causes of my health problems...

Brittni Fuller

...One of them being my nutrition! I started my supplement regimen and changed my diet. Within a month, I noticed a big difference! My brain wasn’t cloudy, my stomach wasn’t hurting after every meal, headaches were gone, and I could breath through my nose. 


My Alinea story continued when I got my certification as a nutritional coach and began working at Alinea.  


I am so glad I decided to put my health first! I feel great! 

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